The Green Scene Podcast

Legalized cannabis is becoming more and more common, and everyone has questions. Stern prohibitionists yell at enthusiastic 4:20 fans, but real information is hard to come by. That’s where The Green Scene Podcast comes in.

The Green Scene Podcast will be the top global cannabis podcast, approaching the issues from an independent perspective: fact-based journalism, getting the 5 W’s of the cannabis industry to our audience so they can make informed decisions. We’ll cover the stories that matter, and showcase the guests who make a difference. Policy makers. Industry leaders. Medical practitioners, researchers, agricultural experts, scientists. From Prime Ministers to CEOs to PhDs, we’ll get the guests that count, and who can give real insight to our audience on topics ranging from medical issues to business challenges to regulatory oversight.

Your Host

The Green Scene Podcast is the creation of Jeremy Szafron, a Canadian-based broadcast reporter, producer, and media specialist who will also be the show’s host. Jeremy will bring his lifelong drive for public education, engagement, and authenticity to the show, ensuring the Green Scene Podcast is topical, accurate, and informative.

His years in media have given Jeremy proven skills ranging from journalism and presenting to web analytics and social media engagement. He takes complex subjects, involving large amounts of disparate information, and presents them clearly in an entertaining and informative way. He does this using skills honed through years of reporting for CTV National as well as covering the 2010 Olympics, making him familiar to audiences in both Canada and the US. He also has hosted and participated in events ranging from TEDx to Gourmet and Grapes, a celebrity chef competition supporting local charities.