The Green Scene Podcast is different from your average cannabis podcast; it’s instructional, fact-based, and engaging, and its international audience will be looking for real information and authentic solutions. Additionally, the audience is already there; Jeremy built PressReader’s video network, spanning 165 countries with over 30,000,000 paid subscribers. The podcast will go out through the same network, one that spans business leaders to consumers, receiving anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 listeners each week.

Additionally, Jeremy’s years of producing and reporting ensure he can book the best guests globally. These guests will not only ensure a world-class show, but will also deliver a quality platform that influencers will tune into and share.
The Green Scene Podcast will reside on iTunes and Soundcloud, targeting an international audience and reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners every week. Talk to us about how advertising on The Green Scene Podcast will be great for your business.