The emerging pot stock market has made it necessary for investors to have access to independent pot stock research. The Green Scene Podcast offers news, research, and analysis on the growing cannabis industry countries such as Canada (TSE), The United States of America (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX), and Germany (FSE).

TGSP: The Natural Edible Market in California, TransCanna’s Opportunity

This week on TGSP: We speak with Shawn Shevlin about his brand in the California cannabis market, SolDaze. It’s an all-natural product that stands out in a group of high sugar sweets, it also has gained a lot of attention from the California consumers. TransCanna Holdings (CSE:TCAN) just announced an LOI to acquire SolDaze– we…

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The Farm Bill and CBD

In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed through United States legislation. While this bill doesn’t sound immediately interesting to many people, if you read a little deeper into the text you’ll see that it actually casts hemp in a favorable light, and that’s excellent news for the CBD industry.   America’s Complicated History with Hemp…

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